The Best Luggage Brands

With so many choices in today’s marketplace, choosing between the best brands of luggage can be a challenge. Identifying the best of everything requires personal taste and style, and so does the luggage.

However, there are some objective considerations when recommending the best luggage brands, such as design, warranty and quality of materials, zippers, wheels and handles. In addition, the bags of these brands should optimize the interior and offer sizes that meet both the needs of travelers and the requirements of the airlines.

1. American Tourist

For good quality at low to mid-range prices, American Tourister can be considered the best luggage brand for practical travelers who may not travel frequently enough to demand extremely durable or luxurious luggage.

This widespread and reliable brand is owned by Samsonite and includes soft-side and hardside luggage in a variety of bold colors and styles, including bags for children (and adults!) with favorite characters from Disney and Marvel Comics.

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2. Samsonite

Samsonite, one of the best-known luggage brands, started more than 100 years ago as a trunk manufacturer. The wide product range includes hardside and softside bags, garment bags, backpacks and travel accessories.

Four-wheeled spinners and gliders with a lower center of gravity are also included in their product line. Samsonite products are sold in the low to mid price range and offer durability, style and value.

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3. Travelpro

This mid-priced brand, popular with flight crews, offers outstanding quality, value and durability. Its claim to fame is that it was invented by an airline pilot who recognized the need for luggage on wheels – and made it work.

The popular Maxlite series includes soft-side and hardside models in a variety of colors, a two-wheel roller board or a four-wheel spinner. The recently launched Platinum Elite line, its high-end option, offers premium fabrics, leather trimmings and a lifetime warranty with no worries.

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4. Eagle Creek

This robust line of luggage offers a casual outdoor atmosphere with an emphasis on durability and functionality. Rugged, weather-resistant coated polyester fabrics, heavy-duty wheels and puncture-resistant, lockable zippers make it ready for rough handling on long trips, and the company backs it up with its lifetime “no matter what” warranty.

Practical additions that are above the mid-price range include a key ring with bottle opener and additional carrying straps.

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5. Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is known for its lifetime warranty and has introduced several innovations that make packing easier and more efficient. Externally mounted hardware provides more interior space and a flat packing surface – fewer creases.

The brand’s exclusive CX expansion and compression technology gives you more packing space and returns the bag to its original size. Founded in 1993, the prices are slightly higher than in the mid-price segment, but the quality and warranty – which also applies to airline wear – offer excellent value for money.

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