COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

People often travel to work or on vacation. With a global and mobile workforce, travel is almost a way of life for professionals. Whether it’s a work trip, vacation or weekend trip, you need to pack the essentials so that you can use it on the road.

There is no closet waiting for you at the hotel, so you need to pack carefully. You can only bring a limited number of items in your luggage, so you must be selective. The weight, capacity and size of your luggage also play a role. Weight and size are important when you take an airplane, and capacity is important on a longer trip.

Coolife luggage offers you the comfort to travel in every conceivable way. It is known to offer comprehensive features such as good storage, safety and good construction. This modern luggage line takes into account all travel requirements and makes packing as efficient as possible.

Coolife luggage and suitcases are manufactured to make you a master of organization. There are safety belts, zippers and mesh pockets to store your belongings. They also have TSA-approved locks on all parts with a combination of zippers and mechanisms to protect the bag from unauthorized access. The luggage looks contemporary and cool, with plenty of curb appeal. An ultimate jet-setter can benefit a lot from Coolife sets.

Overview of the luggage brand Coolife

Coolife was born in 1986, when two people – Vivian Swift and Ivan Smith – decided to create this modern luggage line. In 1999 they founded the Coolife brand. Their aim is to carry the best luggage and provide the best customer service. They create their own designs and innovate to offer quality products to customers.

Their softshell and hard shell luggage combines style with reliability and brings a classic and innovative design. The founder’s expertise in baggage manufacturing ensures that the brand uses a variety of materials and delivers consistent quality work.

Their vision is to offer a wide selection of high quality luggage that is functional and affordable. Coolife wants to make travel stylish and effortless.

Features of the Coolife luggage set
After you’ve gotten to know the brand, you may be curious about what these Coolife luggage items offer that other luggage items don’t. Here are some of the best features of the Coolife bag to help you decide what to buy next.


Luggage nowadays appears in a variety of colors. In the past, all luggage was black and it was not possible to distinguish one person’s luggage from another on the carousel. Coolife presents luggage in traditional and non-traditional colors. They are offered in black, brown and blue, and some models are available in vivid colors such as apple green and orange. These bright colors are recognizable and have more depth with textured, pearly and brushed surfaces.


Many like to shop and bring souvenirs from the places they visit. So if you have packed a suitcase to the brim, you may not find room for your souvenirs. However, Coolife takes into account the fact that a traveler will return with more things than he or she has left behind. It has various expansion options, such as zippered outside pockets that can be expanded, and the entire frame can be extended to add an extra 15 to 25% width. This allows you to open the perimeter zipper and enjoy the extra space.


Coolife luggage is available in different shapes, sizes and materials. Some of the commonly known materials for building Coolife luggage are:

  • ABS: The outer shell of Coolife is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene or ABS for certain luggage sets. This structured and lightweight material is aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.
  • Jacquard Oxford: Jacquard Oxford is a popular material and is used in Coolife’s softshell luggage sets. Compared to traditional polyester blends, the weave is strong and durable. It is tear-resistant and can be used to make tents even. This material can easily survive miles of travel.
  • Polycarbonate: The high-end models are made of 100% polycarbonate surrounded by an aluminum frame. These often have a brushed finish. This material is denser and lighter than aluminum or plastic and can form a protective cover around clothing and accessories.
  • Nylon: Coolife luggage is made of the same material inside and out and is then lined with nylon. There are adjustable straps, a mesh and elastic section and zippered compartments for organization.

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Important considerations for choosing the best Coolife luggage

Coolife offers many different luggage options based on size, material and storage. All these options can make your choice a little more difficult. Therefore, please consider some of the factors listed below before choosing your favorite coolife luggage.

Size :

Two-piece luggage sets are available in 16 inch and 28 inch sizes. This size is ideal for business and weekend trips. Three-piece sets are available in 20″, 24″ and 28″ sizes. Family sets include 4-piece luggage sets, i.e. the 3-piece has an add-on in the form of a 16-inch set or a bag for a child that can be carried on.

Handle :

All sets from Coolife have telescopic handles for more comfort. The three-stage arms are adjustable, robust and light. They are made of aluminum to avoid more weight. The handle is ergonomically made of hard plastic and has a DeepL access button for adjustment.

Spinner Wheels :

Coolife has 360-degree spinner wheels that make maneuvering upright luggage as easy as possible. All suitcases have a double wheel design that can negotiate fast curves and narrow spaces. Most wheels are made of hard plastic and go over linoleum, asphalt and carpet. Some high-end models have higher quality wheels.

TSA locking system :

Security is crucial when traveling and Coolife has TSA approved locks. There is a 3 dial combination lock that places the zippers inside the lock and ensures that they cannot be stolen. This means peace and security for the traveler.

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