Best Hiking Daypack 2020

Day packs are also backpacks, considering that they are carried on the back. The backpacks that accompany you on short trips, frequent business trips, daily school activities and the representative backpack used for hiking are known as daypacks.

So the best hiking day packs are the tiny assistants to the mother packs used for day trips. You can opt for the smallest of the group if you have a huge backpack for all the equipment. But if the hiking itself is a day trip or an overnight stay, you should choose a hiking daypack that is roomy enough to take only the essentials. Hiking involves a longer walk along the trail, for which you will need a light hiking daypack.

We have selected ten lightweight daypacks, ranging from high-end versions of the major brands to budget versions suitable for daily and frequent use. The best hiking daypacks are preferred in terms of quality, functionality, comfort and safety. Before jumping over the reviews, I have covered the critical considerations that you should seriously consider so that you can make an informed decision.

1. CamelBak M.U.L.E | Best daypack with fluid supply

The CamelBak daypack offers all the traditional and advanced backpack qualities and benefits. So these deserve little or no coverage. I will only focus on one exclusive feature that stands alone. CamelBak has a special drinking port in the main compartment.

Unlike drinking pouches in other packs, this one provides an actual reservoir. With a 3 liter reservoir, this hydration pack weighs less and you can drink more water per sip than the regular one. So you stay refreshed even under the hot sun. The tube is always ready for use because it is held by a magnetic trap. Despite being placed in the main compartment, this liquid source is easily accessible when needed.

Together with the excellent drinking connection, the mesh setting along the back wall breathes enough air to combat the summer climate.

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2. Osprey Tempest 20 | Best Ladies Daypack

Osprey is perhaps the most covered backpack brand on this website. No way to avoid this, as Osprey offers the quality and purpose specific bags. This is the female version of Osprey Tallon22. This women’s specific daypack is a little smaller and fits perfectly for women with a medium upper body.

The exclusive feature of Osprey Tempest is the weight distribution system and the high quality foam padding that ensures the ultimate in daypack comfort. From taller women to smaller men, the straps and hip belt are adjusted, making it a terrible attraction.

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3. Camelbak rim runner 22 | Best hunting daypacks

It is somewhat unlikely that this website checks the same brand twice in the same manual. But this is pretty self-explanatory since we are out there to provide you with the best quality and benefits. The former CamelBak was a bit compromised in terms of 9L storage capacity.

However, CamelBak Rim 22 has an increased storage capacity of 19.5L, which allows you to load more gears for longer day hikes. And the excellent hydration support is available with a 2.5L reservoir to help combat the searing heat of the trail. It is a daypack for two purposes.

Basic features are advantages with 9 additional pockets, breathable mesh back and hip belt with stowable pockets. So our second CamelBak preference lets you carry more, but eliminates trail fatigue with its special fluid reservoir.

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4. Gregory Miwok 24 | Best Mens Daypack

Gregory Miwok presents a number of excellent backpack features. This daypack offers a huge storage capacity and a drinking pouch, so you can extend your hike by one day.

Additional load is supported by an HDPE frame sheet that prevents the bag from bending under maximum load. The snug-fitting straps provide comfort by allowing your hands to move freely. The main compartment allows access from above and an organized loading process.

Miowk’s exclusive BioSync Active Trail Suspension provides comfort by relieving you of the pressure that is most felt on the shoulder. There are plenty of surface pockets to store water bottles, heavy equipment and storage points for bike helmets and jackets.

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5. MARMOT Kompressor Plus Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Marmot is minimalist in its functions, but offers maximum benefits with all basic functions perfectly integrated. It is an ultra-lightweight daypack, but you can load up to your maximum needs on the filling level.

Compressor 20 remains undisputed in terms of wear and tear and robustness when hiking. You are best organized at the front pockets with zipper, which can store your small gear wheels. The compression straps give the loaded backpack a tight and even mobility that only daypacks with metal frames enjoy. You can put the entire pack in the lid cover when you unload it, so it is also suitable for everyday activities.

What you will like

  • Compression Strap
  • Great price-performance ratio compared to the price
  • Fit for day hikes and city walks

What you might not like

  • Breathability is weak
  • Hard work will make you sweat a lot

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